The Nagis

The Nagis Health is a technology development company and service delivery in health, established in 2008 by ECOM Holdings Group.

We carry out the marketing of Quick Investigations Unit (EBU) and provide health management services through partner companies of Occupational Medicine, SESMTs, clinics and hospitals.

Quick Investigations Unit (EBU) - create devices capable of performing laboratory tests and images with instant results. We sell, we rent and provide services using the EBU. They allow you to perform tests in-company, in clinics and hospitals. We also offer the manpower outsourcing to service quality.

Health Management - perform telemonitoring service and health management, creating and managing quality of life programs for the chronically ill and high-risk groups. This service is a strong ally to reduce care costs.

Covenant Laboratory MY HEALTH - The Nagis Health has laboratory that offers a low cost one laboratory tests package for groups of people and businesses that do not have health insurance, or who want quick access to particular quality tests with excellent cost / benefit. Our difference besides offering tests at low cost, is to allow our patients can have permanent access to their electronic records of examinations, regardless of carries them into our facilities, or our partner laboratories.


Improve the quality of life and management of organizations through research, development, integration of technologies and services in healthcare.


To be a reference in providing innovative and efficient solutions for health management.


Customer satisfaction. This is the reason for our existence.

Appreciation and respect for people. They are the great differential that makes it all possible.

Focus on results and constant innovation. We depend on them to exist and grow.