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Brazilian company invests $ 4 million and innovation laboratory tests - April / 2015

The project is called Investigations Units Quick and has received investments of $ 4 million over the past five years. In the second half of 2014, after a road show in Brazil for submission of uers, it was time to take the project abroad, in countries like Colombia, Canada and Angola.


Nagis presents Investigations Units Quick to the AMA of. February / 2015

The company Nagis Health, developer of the idea, held more than 50 blood tests and electrocardiogram in patients AMA - Ambulatory Care Medical, in the city center of Sao Paulo.


Quick Surveys units are presented to the Municipality of São Paulo. January / 2015

The company's goal is to demonstrate the efficiency of the EBU's equipment and evaluate the diagnostic turnaround time for possible implementation of new technology within health units in São Paulo.


In 2014, Nagis Health visit 36 cities in Brazil and performs more than 12,000 exames- October / 2014

Throughout the year, the company visited 12 states of Brazil, totaling 36 cities to present to health departments, hospitals, occupational medicine companies, among others the Quick Investigations Unit (EBU's).